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Because I've been feeling very much in a slump lately, both in RL and in writing, something a little different thanks to the interesting little Dreamwidth comm [community profile] genprompt_bingo . Writing has always helped me with depression, but that's not exactly doing any good if I'm not overly inspired by anything currently on my plate right now.

Card may (and hopefully will) encompass a variety of fandoms, and fics must be at least 100 words.

Everything is negotiable. Whether or not the negotiation is easy is another thing. The Game's Afoot Noble Oaths / Promises Scapegoat
Corpses / Skeletons / Remains Gods / Angels / Demons used to Comedic effect Awkwardness Androids and robots Bitter
Crime and Punishment Lost and Found Wild CardCool Colours Sensual Pleasures
Extraordinary Stream of Consciousness Women Being Awesome Paper It's a Trap
Hurt / Comfort Housewife / Househusband Ghosts and Hauntings Spring Canon Themes
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Anybody on my f-list want to proofread/mild beta-read 13,000+ words of Winchester h/c & fluff for [livejournal.com profile] spn_bigpretzel for me?  *puppy eyes*  I will happily credit you and hug you and love you forever and ever; I am going to throw my laptop out the window if I have to read it again at this point.  It just primarily needs proofread, and anything that is majorly out of character HAHAHA I mean more out of character than most of the recent seasons have been ahem pointed out, as well as feedback on minor characters as I don't normally write them and they exist here.

I must just be an excessively angsty writer, or else S9-S10 have darkened my muse considerably, because I also have over 9,000 words of scrapped fic for this exchange, for the simple reason that most of the sections kept steering themselves over a cliff into H/C and angst that was far too heavy for that particular community.  Geez.

Oh, and the only specifically S10 spoilers in the fic are for Soul Survivor, if that is holding someone back.  *goes back to pleading*
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So, in between my freelance writing gigs (I actually do get paid a little bit now for a few things, go me!  woot woot) I've been trying to finish a Sherlock fic request for one of the lovely people who donated to the GoFundMe campaign I talked about a while back, and since I got stuck a couple days ago I thought I would try to jostle loose my writer's block by filling a short meme prompt over at [livejournal.com profile] hoodie_time.

As that's now turned into 8500 words, that kind of succeeded, I guess, but wasn't what I planned on...

Anyway, while writing, something occurred to me, and as I'm by no means a walking canon in the SPN fandom, I thought I'd see if anyone on my f-list has any insight as to something I might be missing (I don't have time to go back and re-watch entire seasons, thank you).

SPN: paradox or just plot hole? )
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Dang you, muse!  After three months of stagnation, five months of personal hell, and the saving grace of inspiration from a new movie, you'd think you could pound out more than a line or two by now!

*has the miserables*

Ok, people, I need writing prompts.  Star Trek, TOS preferably (kid!fic prompts welcome), and please feel free to be as specific as possible because the muse is apparently still off in a warp bubble somewhere laughing at my pathetic efforts to break free of a several-month-long funk.  Please to fire when ready with the plot bunnies.

Oh, except for the insane, only-in-my-mind-would-this-happen idea thatSpoilers of sorts for ST:XII )

Yeah, let's stick with the single-universe prompts, shall we?


Feb. 20th, 2010 11:22 pm
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Had most of the day today, other than some catch-up work, to try to write.  Accomplished exactly 200 words on the last chapter of Aftermath, nothing more and nothing important.  Darn it.  *is very unhappy*

Here, have a comic instead, peeps (Holmes this time):

You Squashed My Pea, Holmes

Artist's Comments: 
Branching out a little here. Obviously these characters need work, as I've never drawn them before. Holmes's hair and face especially, ugh. But anyway.

Shortie for PGF, who suggested illustrating a scene from one of the best (in my admittedly well-versed opinion) old Holmes movies, Murder by Decree, with Christopher Plummer and James Mason. While Plummer's Holmes isn't my type at all, and while James Mason was a bit old for Watson's part (and while the Baker Street set was enormously disproportioned), the movie itself was still wonderful in an old-school way, and full of bits of humor like the above comic. Dialogue isn't exact, but the general idea and Watson's last line belong to the makers of the movie.

Also, the background is invisible. Rly. (Actually I kept trying to draw the fireplace and it just kept looking wonky so I gave it up. They can freeze to death. :P)
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Title: Rebuilding
Characters: Watson, Lestrade, Holmes
Author: KCS
Rating: K+
Word Count: 4,760
Warnings: Realism. Not exactly AU, just "what-if."
Summary: A more realistic look at an old plot bunny; namely, the time period immediately post-EMPT. Challenge 006 entry. The resurrection of an old enemy in addition to Holmes's own return forces a confrontation of issues among the three main players of the drama, and what needs to be said is.
A/N: Been scribbling on this bunny (namely, how did the relationship between Holmes, Watson, and Lestrade go from coolish to the Inspector stopping by in the evenings just for fun by the time of 6NAP) for a while, but decided a month or two ago to put it away because it wasn't cooperating. Dusted it off for this challenge, and it's been pulling teeth to get the thing onto paper. My everlasting thanks to [info]protectorgf for the beta-read and for saving me from late last night scrapping the entire thing in despair, because I was going to.  Posted now, because I might not have time when I get back tonight.

Yeesh, this thing took a lot out of me.  Stupid writer's block.  *sigh*

to get on with it: )

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The Holmes muse, it has finally left.   Completely.  Ciao, adios, totally gone.  I barely have an interest in reading it anymore.  Weirdest thing.  It's just not there.  I know it'll come back, but meanwhile it's a little disconcerting.  :(

Anyhow, though, maybe I just need a break, time to try something new.  I've been unhappy with both my fiction and my fanfiction lately, so perhaps a new fandom will jumpstart my general desire to write, and help me from falling into a stylistic rut and so on.  We shall see.

Because I'm really finding writing for Justice League and the Animated DC serieses to be far more fun than I thought.  I haven't had characters and their voices in my head like this since a long time ago, when I could hear Clive Merrison and Michael Williams's Holmes and Watson dictating everything I wrote.  It's actually quite an awesome thing, to really hear voices and see something taking shape that you didn't intend originally - and it's been forever since that really happened to me.

That being said, I'm working on another oneshot!  *yayz*  And still trying to come up with an idea for an actual story.  I have plenty of oneshot ideas from the JLU and other serieses, but I want a real original story.   Just need to come up with a plotline that isn't cheesy (too much so, anyhow).

So here we go:

Title: Unnamed as of yet
Characters:  Superman, Batman, mentions of J'onn J'onzz
Rating:  K+
Summary:  Takes place immediately after the JL episode Twilight.  References STAS episode Legacy.  Spoilers for both, and if you haven't seen at least the JL episode you won't have a clue what the heck's going on.
Genre:  Friendship, Drama
Word Count:  2120 now

So here lies the as-yet unnamed oneshot: )
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So I finally had to take a break this afternoon, because after working for five hours on a design project I had HAD IT UP TO HERE, so to speak.  Did manage to keep my lunch down, though - so hoorah for that small victory.  ^^  Went in for the teacher's meeting, made some copies, and then came home to work on this project that has to be done by the time I leave for vacation on Monday next.  Photo shoot most of the afternoon on Saturday, and church on Sunday - so really I have to get it done by Friday.  So glad this weekend finally got over, and only one more week to go.

However, stress headaches and flu bugs or whatever-that-was aside, the fact is that freelancing at the moment pays better than my school paycheck, and I have to save money.  (more on my car problems later if I get bored again)

So...back to break.  I think I've finally managed to stop writing JLU fic that sounds like Victorian English, lol, and am rewriting that horrible oneshot of a few days back.   Have another interesting JLU/Batman Beyond crossover idea that may or may not see paper if the muse continues to be cooperative.

Still am working on drabble meme answers for [livejournal.com profile] montytwain and [livejournal.com profile] janeturenne , though really I covered MT's request in my Memory arc, just not in the format (or length, lol) he asked for.  The Written Front is still sluggish, but I have a whole folder of ideas from reading some books on my Kindle about ambulance drivers on the Western Front in early WWI.  That's the most amazing thing about the Kindle, I think, because books that are long out of print and would cost (this one I have) $85.00 on Amazon, I can get for less than $10 on my Kindle.  Pretty cool.  Oh, and Silent Night by Stanley Weintraub!  *loves this book*  I will so have fun with that when Christmas 1914 comes around.

I fully intend to get with PGF over my vacation and do some serious headway on A Connection to Life.  We plotted out quite a bit the other night, but haven't had time to more than rough-sketch a couple of chapters.  And we're not going to post until we know we'll have time and incentive to finish it.  But we will finish it.  *bounce*  *is excited*

I've had a rough draft of a chapter for Agreement and Disputation sitting open on my laptop for over a week now, and just haven't dragged myself in to edit it.  *sigh*  No time, really, to do much other than drabbles lately - seems like my muse has ADD at the moment and can't concentrate for much longer than that.


On that note, three sentences  (Holmes fandom, Table Gamma, 20/50 now):

#36 – Laugh

Unaccustomed to hearing aught but three-year-old ghosts each night, when she this time was woken – not by phantom violins or half-remembered voices, but by a crash and not-entirely-sober laughter – she remembered the unbelievable events of the spring evening, and returned to sleep smiling.


#41 – Wait

Though his younger brother’s help with the Room 40 project was certainly one of England’s greatest War resources, during lengthy department meetings Mycroft could only moan inwardly and hope that the powers-that-be would not notice Sherlock’s attention drifting from state documents to a war-office-censored letter stealthily pulled from his inside jacket pocket.


#22 – Journey

He traveled far in three years, but no location produced the same combination of horror and homesickness as did standing on the desert plains of Afghanistan – imagining a ten-year-old battle, and just as quickly trying to forget what his memory could all too easily recreate based upon snatches of half-heard nightmares long ago.

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Trying to finish these here, and still make each of them not-trite.  *sigh*  Stupid writer's block may be lifting ever-so-slightly, though.  Slow progress is still progress, I suppose.  :)

Eyes are no longer swollen too, so that is WONDERFUL.  *is very grateful can see now without pain*



So anyhow:

Fandom:  SH
Table:  Epsilon
Sentences Completed:  30/50
Summary:  SCAN for the first, and no particular case for the second.

#09 – King

To be defended by Sherlock Holmes against a King’s wishes for privacy was worth far more to him than the blank cheque left upon the table at the nobleman’s departure.


#27 – Hide

When after three months of complete abstinence a bleak failure drove him back to the Moroccan case, he hid in his bedroom afterwards like a little boy having broken a mother’s vase – not realising that forgiveness was more readily available than reprimand.

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Fandom:  SH
Characters:  H, W
Sentences Completed:  20/50

Two Hiatus-sentences:


#04 – Last

Each story lingered wraithlike in his mind, but the last line of the last tale haunted like none other – for how would he ever explain to the author that the “best and wisest man he had ever known” had deceived him – such a ghastly lie! – for so long?


#28 – Fortune

His services to the French government left him with enough funds to retire, and Sigerson’s guise required none of it; Watson attributed his investments’ sudden leap in value to luck, never to Mycroft Holmes’s influence.

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Writer's block is as bad as ever, but I know the longer I wait to take up my WIPs the harder it will be, and so I tried to pound out a chapter at least this afternoon despite the fact.  Kind of blah, but anyway it's small progress.

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It's like pulling teeth to get a muse to work when it doesn't want to.  *sigh*  I hate this feeling, but tried to do it anyway.  Bleh.

Chapter 12 )

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