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For anyone on my f-list who's also a SPN fan, if you could pop over here and take a look at THIS POST, maybe fill out the survey involved to help out the lovely people in charge of this anthology, that would be much appreciated!

For some reason I was fortunate enough to make the author cut and while I'm rapidly becoming disillusioned with the show itself I am by no means that way with the many talented writers who are going to make this thing amazing - so if you could be so kind as to repost or give feedback where you can, much appreciated!
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Title: Take a Breath
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester
Word Count: 1600ish (17 drabbles and a tag)
Rating: T for language and spoilers
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers for all aired episodes of S12, including the finale and everything it encompassed (ie. Main character death, etc.).

Summary: Sam tries to be the strong one in the immediate aftermath of All Along the Watchtower.
A/N: Written for my [community profile] genprompt_bingo card spaces of Corpses/Skeletons/Remains and Ghosts/Hauntings.

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Title: The Long Way Home
Characters: Sam, Dean, various
Word Count: 4900
Rating: T for language

Warnings/Spoilers: Curtain!fic, of sorts. Some minor non-plot spoilers for S11/12, meaning

the final destination for the Winchesters after their last death, the name of the reaper they've been encountering, and a very recent S12 partnership as well as an extremely vague character reference

, but no specific spoilers regarding any major plot points for recent seasons. Various other spoilers, primarily a reference to Season Nine's episode Slumber Party.

Summary: Sam and Dean Winchester do not go quietly into that dark night. In fact, when three very different beings show up to battle it out over who will finally be gifted eternal possession of the brothers' combined soul, well… let's just say, Death would be making popcorn, if he were still around.

A/N: Written for this year's [ profile] spn_j2_xmas, for [ profile] madebyme_x

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Title: A Series of Somewhat Unfortunate Events (Depending Upon Your Point of View)
Recipient: zelda_addict
Artist: amberdreams
Characters:  (deaged) Sam and Castiel, Dean, Kevin Tran
Warnings:  crack!fic, de-aging (see prompt), takes place loosely around Clip Show in Season Eight
Rating:  PG
Word Count: 3500

Original Prompt: Prompt 1: I would love something with de-aging of Cas (well, his vessel anyway), Dean, and Sam in the vein of "A Series of Unfortunate Events" with a young Dean who thinks on his feet to improvise tools, younger Sam who knows way too much about everything, and baby Cas who likes to bite smite things.

Summary:  Both recovering from recent events between the second and third Trials, Sam and Castiel happen upon a disused magical laboratory in the Men of Letters Bunker, with rather interesting results.  And of course, Sam wants to share everything with his idolized older brother - including the effects of a de-aging potion, much to Dean's dismay.

A/N:  I wanted this to be far more polished and to incorporate at least one more of the awesome prompts I was given, but simply ran out of time due to Real Life issues - hope it suffices anyway.  :)  There is an in-progress Part Two forthcoming at some future date, which will feature all three de-aged characters.

Amazing art by amberdreams below the cut, due to flashing image - warning for that and for slight story spoiler, though the prompt itself is basically the same spoiler - please give the artist feedback as she was absolutely amazing even despite my very late cooperation with the time frame!

<<Link to the journal entry in the comm>>

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Title: Close Your Eyes
Characters: Sam & Dean, various
Rating: PG-13 for language
Word Count: 3932
Warnings/Spoilers: Obviously, (AU) spoilers for the S10 finale.
Summary: My take on the following prompt, adjusted to work in the canon that the Veil is still intact and therefore any Heaven-bound soul would still be wandering it along with Kevin and all the rest. Original Prompt: Dean goes through with it and kills Sam, and Death puts him…not in outer space, exactly. Somewhere more like a cage. Meanwhile, Sam's up in Heaven trying to find Bobby and gather allies to break Dean out of wherever Death put him. (In other words: Silly Death. As if being dead will stop Sam Winchester from looking for his brother.)
A/N:  Written for [ profile] spn_summergen's 2015 exchange, for [ profile] zubeneschamali, cross-posted now that the exchange is over, and actually tweaked and proofread as I pushed the deadline to the edge due to a laptop malfunction.

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Title: Measure My Life in Coffee Cups
Rating: T for language
Word Count: 7765
Warnings/Spoilers:  Very vague spoilers for seasons 9&10, and please heed the fact that I am choosing NOT to warn in this one, as it would completely ruin the entire story. Anyone who knows me knows what type of fic I hate to read and write, so I hope you can trust me that it's not going to be overly traumatic, but please heed the fact that I'm choosing not to warn. Takes place at an undetermined time into the future, long after whatever S11 holds. Complete series end-fic, basically; I'm not giving any other spoilers here so continue at your own risk.

A/N: Fourth and final deleted scene from the above fic, really more a standalone story as it was supposed to revolve around the coffee pot and then took off in a direction I didn't expect, evolving from there. I may eventually polish it and make it a standalone, but I have other commitments first so that could take a while.

(original fic) Part One  | Part Two  | Part Three | Deleted Scene One | Deleted Scene Two & Three

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Title: Measure My Life in Coffee Cups
Rating: T for language
Word Count: (this bit) 2300 & 344
Warnings/Spoilers: Definite and major spoilers for Season 10, specifically the events of Dark Dynasty.

A/N: Second and third deleted scenes from the above mentioned fic, cut because the first spiraled into something more darkly therapeutic than appropriate for a lighthearted community challenge, and the third is just a snippet that ended up not getting used because I decided on something else. Note that the first scene contradicts the whole premise of the original story in that Charlie does tell Dean in front of Sam about Sam not liking coffee; I axed this scene before writing the completed story above.

(original fic) Part One  | Part Two  | Part Three NEW: Deleted Scene One

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Title: Measure My Life in Coffee Cups
Characters: Sam & Dean Winchester
Rating: T for language
Word Count: (this deleted scene) 1645
Warnings/Spoilers: Takes place sometime after In My Time of Dying, though that's hardly a spoiler by now I wouldn't think.
A/N: First deleted scene from the above mentioned fic, cut due to the fact that it was far too H/C-centric to really fit into a lighthearted community's challenge. Not really completely fleshed out, either, nor will any of these be; but I've been asked before to post deleted material I don't ever intend to use again, so if someone can get enjoyment out of reading it I'm more than happy to do so - just with the understanding it isn't necessarily award-worthy material. :)

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Recipient: [ profile] spn_bigpretzel
Author: [ profile] kcscribbler
Artist: [ profile] just_ruth

Title: Measure My Life in Coffee Cups
Characters: Sam & Dean Winchester
Rating: T for language
Word Count: 13,787
Genre: Family, fluff, h/c
Warnings/Spoilers: Vague spoilers for entire series, and specifically Season 10 (more specifically Soul Survivor).
Summary: Ten chronological snapshots, measured by ten significant cups of coffee in Sam Winchester's life.
A/N: Written for this prompt for the [ profile] spn_bigpretzel spring fic exchange, Charlie brings up something else she's read in the Winchester Gospels that really surprises one or both of the brothers. Not a secret one was keeping, just something gone unmentioned even though it probably should have been.

A/N2: My muses tend to take on a life of their own and this kept wanting to go in directions entirely inappropriate for this community. However, for those who like more angsty h/c, etc., I will probably be posting deleted scenes on my own LJ after the exchange, as I have like 8,000 words of scrapped fic still on the cutting floor.

Thank you to my fabulous artist, [ profile] just_ruth, whose lovely banner you see above.  Please make sure you hop over to her journal or the entry at [ profile] spn_bigpretzel and give her massive kudos on all her hard work as well!  *hugs*

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons. ~ T.S. Eliot

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Anybody on my f-list want to proofread/mild beta-read 13,000+ words of Winchester h/c & fluff for [ profile] spn_bigpretzel for me?  *puppy eyes*  I will happily credit you and hug you and love you forever and ever; I am going to throw my laptop out the window if I have to read it again at this point.  It just primarily needs proofread, and anything that is majorly out of character HAHAHA I mean more out of character than most of the recent seasons have been ahem pointed out, as well as feedback on minor characters as I don't normally write them and they exist here.

I must just be an excessively angsty writer, or else S9-S10 have darkened my muse considerably, because I also have over 9,000 words of scrapped fic for this exchange, for the simple reason that most of the sections kept steering themselves over a cliff into H/C and angst that was far too heavy for that particular community.  Geez.

Oh, and the only specifically S10 spoilers in the fic are for Soul Survivor, if that is holding someone back.  *goes back to pleading*
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Title: Partners in Crime
Characters: Sam & Dean, Castiel POV
Word Count: 1470
Rating: PG
Warnings: Crack, slight spoilers for S9-10. Takes place far into the future, however.
Summary: Eight centuries into the future, Sam and Dean Winchester are still doing what they do best - causing trouble.
A/N: Written for the [ profile] spnspringfling exchange for [ profile] becc_j's prompt Soulmates.

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Title: Remaining Unawakened
Characters/Pairings: Sam & Dean, Cas, misc. minor characters mentioned
Genre: H/C, Humor
Rating: T (PG-13)
Word Count: 6309
Warnings/Spoilers: S9 & S10 spoilers in general, particularly 10.14, The Executioner's Song
Summary: Team Free Will, version 2.0 – one ex-Blade junkie, one angelic dropout with borrowed Grace to his name, and Mr. Animal Whisperer over there. Good thing the world already knows they've done more with far less.
A/N: Written for [ profile] ohsam's five-year anniversary challenge, for this prompt by [ profile] killabeez:

cut for length )

A/N2: I am nearly finished with a new Sherlock fic, written for someone who donated to the GoFundMe campaign I mentioned in a previous post (for friends of mine back closer to the holidays), but as I hit writers block on it in a bad way recently and I just can't get it right I took a short break into a different fandom in the hopes that churning out something that demanded a short time constraint would jar loose the words that I need to come out. This is the result.

This is also an extremely busy time of year for me and I just started a brand new job entailing getting up at 4am, but this prompt grabbed my attention and I really wanted to try it – so I hope it's something like what you were looking for!

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
- Anatole France

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<<Part Two>>
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Title: Do You Believe in Magic?
Characters: Dean & Sam Winchester
Genre: H/C, Family, humor
Word Count: 10,174
Warnings/Spoilers: General spoilers for Season 10, all episodes (except 10.12, now; this was finished except for a beta reading before it aired).  Warning for brief mentions of what could be seen as suicide ideation or self-harm (due to wanting to be rid of the influence of the Mark of Cain) if that's triggering to you, though nothing happens and it is brief.
Summary: Normal people get a cake, balloons, maybe a new cell phone for their birthday. Dean Winchester gets a panic room. Oh, and an Xbox, because apparently Sam's become an eBay sniper.

A/N & Disclaimer: Written for this prompt on [ profile] hoodie_time:

Sam is nothing if not prepared. It's not that Sam doesn't trust Dean to fight the MOC, he just knows how strong addiction can be ... And he's not chaining Dean up in the bunker's dungeon again. So he quietly renovates a room in the bunker in case Dean has a relapse and needs to be kept away from others and safe from himself until they find a cure. Somehow it makes Sam feel a little less helpless...The process of padding walls and finding furniture Dean can't use against himself or others is painful - but it's Sam's turn to take care of Dean, and he's going to do it right.

Sam, Dean, and everything else in their messed-up but lovable world do not belong to me.

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So, in between my freelance writing gigs (I actually do get paid a little bit now for a few things, go me!  woot woot) I've been trying to finish a Sherlock fic request for one of the lovely people who donated to the GoFundMe campaign I talked about a while back, and since I got stuck a couple days ago I thought I would try to jostle loose my writer's block by filling a short meme prompt over at [ profile] hoodie_time.

As that's now turned into 8500 words, that kind of succeeded, I guess, but wasn't what I planned on...

Anyway, while writing, something occurred to me, and as I'm by no means a walking canon in the SPN fandom, I thought I'd see if anyone on my f-list has any insight as to something I might be missing (I don't have time to go back and re-watch entire seasons, thank you).

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