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Title: Unexpected Developments (1/?)
Series: Insontis II
Characters: Kirk, McCoy, various
Word Count: 1450 (this bit)
Rating: K+
Warnings/Spoilers: Lack of real plot, ghastly amounts of fluff, etc. If you're in search of story with depth and substance, this is not the universe you're looking for. *Jedi hand wave*

Summary: Truces and alliances, of sorts, are formed.

A/N: While yes, sharp-eyed canonists will start to see some foreshadowing here (remember when this arc started, there was less than a year to go in the 5-year-mission), rest assured this Insontis series will end happily, before the drama that took place between the series and the movies.

Chronological Order of This 'Verse:

When I Was a Child
Impeccable Aim
Lesson One
A Matter of Genetics
Taking Sides
Out of the Mouth of Babes
A Two-Way Trust
Lesson Two
Family Interlude
Artistic License 
Blackmail Potential 
Captain Sunshine
Sunshine and Darkness
Ducks in Space
Smart is Sexy
Lesson Four
Never Too Young
The Sincerest Form of Flattery
Lesson Five
Persuasive Arguments
A Decided Lack of Amusement  (
1/4)  (2/4)  (3/4)  (4/4)
Catch a Falling Star
An Infernal Device
Lesson Six (and Seven, really) (
1/4) (2/4) (3/4) (4/4)
The Second Time Around 
Lessons Eight and Nine 
Lessons Ten and Eleven (
1/2) (2/2)
Outside the Box
Comprehension (
1/4) (2/4) (Interlude) (3/4) (4/4)
And So It Begins
Fear Is Only Embarrassing in Public
Never Tease a Vulcan
Best Destiny (
1/4) (2/4) (3/4) (4/4)
Parting Ways (
1/6) (2/6) (3/6) (4/6) (5/6) (6/6)
The Wounds of a Friend (
1/4) (2/4) (3/4) (4/4)
Lessons Learned


A Child of Two Worlds
First Impressions
Lesson One, of sorts
Lesson Two
Lesson Three
Trust (Lesson Four)  (
1/2)  (2/2)
Oversights and Undershirts
Learning Diplomacy
Lesson Five
Puppy Eyes and Panic Attacks
Taking Responsibility
Diplomatic Choices (
1/5)  (2/5)  (3/5)  (4/5)  (5/5)
Unexpected Developments

"Well this is just dandy. Y'certainly don't do things by halves, do you kid?"

Spock's wide eyes over the edge of the bio-bed disappear for a moment from view behind his hands in an almost hilariously childish gesture of despair.

A low laugh, and the captain of the Enterprise cautiously regains a sitting position, glaring a silent warning at both his fuming CMO and the medical alarms bleeping annoyingly overhead.

McCoy smacks the klaxon with well-practiced aim, never even looking up at the sensor board. "And you, Captain, I told you a mind-meld with a hysterical Vulcan four-year-old was an idiotic idea!"

"If I recall correctly, I believe you told the entirety of C Deck at the time, Doctor." Kirk's eyes start to regain focus as the tri-ox hypospray seems to bring some relief. "And this started well after that, so I doubt it had anything to do with it. What the – for pity's sake, Bones!" An irritated swat, as if warding off a very angry blue-coated medical insect. "I do not need a brain scan!"

"I'll be the judge of that, thank you. You got twelve hours before you're back on duty and you are not goin' anywhere until I know more about what I'm looking at!"

"Bones, if I have to –"

"Gentlemen," the severe tone interrupts with diplomatic ease, and both glance up warily. T'lar surveys them with what appears to be more curiosity than animosity, attention focused for the moment on the captain. "Captain Kirk, you say you engaged in a mekh'kash-naf with Spock some time ago?" (1)

Kirk tilts his head slightly as he slowly parses the Vulcan words together to grasp their meaning. Finally he nods, looking slightly puzzled. "Several weeks back, yes. I was unaware that this was…I'm assuming a normal occurrence between parents and offspring, based upon the fact that you have an actual term for it?"

T'lar looks surprised, and not a little disapproving. "You were unaware of this. An integral part of a Vulcan child's upbringing."

"With respect, Doctor, your people are hardly forthcoming with either medical or cultural knowledge," Kirk replies, unruffled. "It is only logical, therefore, that we were, as we humans put it, doing the best we could with the knowledge available to us."


"I quite agree." A sharp look silences what looks like it's going to be an indignant outburst from McCoy, and Kirk's eyes return to the stately Vulcan's features. "But that lack of knowledge is not, I suspect, what you truly find unacceptable in the situation, now is it?"

Something like alarm flickers through the woman's dark eyes before it vanishes just as quickly.

"Do not take me for a fool, Doctor." Kirk slides off the bio-bed to stand in front of her, entirely oblivious to the fact that the stately scientist towers over him by at least five inches. "I am well aware of your people's illogically prejudiced views of outworlders where these matters are concerned. However," he adds calmly, "I am also aware that those views stem from the quite valid fact that such interspecial telepathic contact is usually extremely dangerous, to both parties involved."

T'lar raises an eyebrow. "You are aware of this, yet you allowed a completely untrained child to initiate such contact with you? You, a human?"

"I, a human, knowing only that I was confronting a telepathic child who could not formulate words to explain his pain, yes."

"You are either an exceedingly brave man, or an exceedingly foolish one, Captain."

Kirk smiles faintly. "You will find that most humans on this ship are a bit of both, I fear, Doctor. Myself included."

"Look, not that I'm not tickled to see you two actually having a civil conversation, but this is old news, and we have a lot bigger problems right now," McCoy interjects from behind them, where he has been turning off medical instruments and muttering under his breath about idiotic commanding officers.

"Dr. McCoy is correct," T'lar agrees with surprising alacrity. McCoy peers at her suspiciously over his med-scanner, and she blinks back with faint amusement. "This matter is a serious one. Besides the interpersonal ramifications and the unknown factors which will result as Spock ages, there is also the very real danger to you, Captain."

"Meaning, what?"

"Captain, as of right now, this mind-link is only half-finished; no permanent bonding can be completed without both parties' consent. This is why, for example, such physical signs of illness have resulted in your human physiology; such a state is a common symptom of an unfinished or rejected bond-link. Spock is drawing his strength from you, as a mental anchor – and as a child, who is untrained and yet uncontrolled in these matters, he will continue to do so."

"Given that we still have weeks, at least, before he re-ages, that's not going to work," McCoy interjects worriedly.

"Indeed. This link was formed, I suspect, instinctually, rather than intentionally, and as such was not performed in a controlled environment, under controlled and monitored conditions as it would have been on Vulcan during a child-bonding ceremony. You are, therefore, a radical factor in an extremely unbalanced equation, Captain."

Kirk's lips twitch despite the situation. "I do tend to have that effect on Mr. Spock even as an adult, Doctor."

Both eyebrows incline in the Vulcan equivalent of an eye-roll. "Unsurprising, then, that this should be the end result of his imbalanced hybrid physiology combined with your dangerous naivete regarding the Vulcan mental disciplines."

A faint blush creeps up from under the gold uniform, but Kirk inclines his head in acquiescence. "Fair enough. We were, to put it mildly, inadequately prepared for this and many other eventualities."

T'lar's severe features soften slightly. "You are a remarkable human, Captain, that is not in question. Few of your species would even dare to permit a telepath's intrusion under the most dire of circumstances, and fewer still would risk such a thing for so trivial a matter as calming a youngling who is not of one's own blood."

"I believe family need not encompass only blood, Doctor. Spock is…I believe your closest approximation is k'war'ma'khon." (2)

T'lar's eyebrow rises further. "Your accent is atrocious, Captain. But the sentiment is…appropriately human. The results speak for themselves, and such a mind-link is to be respected."

"I thank you."

"This changes nothing, however, regarding your ill-preparedness for such a joining. We must decide a course of action, Captain. If you continue to ignore this half-finished mental bond, your symptoms will only continue to worsen."

"I can hold out until he reverts in age, I think…"

"You can not," McCoy interjects firmly, one hand on the man's shoulder. "You'll be unable to function on another week of basically no sleep schedule. That's not going to fly with me or with Starfleet Command, not to mention you have to put in an appearance when we get to Alba II. Besides, we have no idea if the link will disappear when Spock reverts, do we?"

"It should, shouldn't it? If it doesn't, that is going to be a whole different level of problems when he gets back to his normal age."

"Mental bonds are powerful things, gentlemen. I would hesitate to dismiss the possibility."

"Great." Kirk rubs his temples wearily. "I guarantee this was not in his plans anywhere and I am not going to enjoy explaining it when he gets old enough to really understand what he's done."

"Oh, calm down, Jim. We only have, what, less than six months left in the mission, anyway? Worst case scenario, the last few will be a little awkward, what of it? We'll be decommissioned once we hit Earth, have a break before a second mission to figure things out, and everything will be back to normal. Stop borrowin' trouble."

"I'm not borrowing it, it's basically plowing me over right now. Either give me that hypospray or I will forcibly take it from you, Doctor, because I doubt I am going to survive this report to the Admiralty without artificial inspiration."

"Speakin' of, where is your little Wonder Vulcan?"

Dismayed, they look around to see that sometime during the heated discussion going on overhead, Spock had obviously made his escape unseen and undetected. The room is completely empty, and knowing the speed the child can employ when he wishes, he could be halfway across the ship by now.

"Really helping my headache here, kid," Kirk mutters, heading for McCoy's inner office to field what promises to be an extremely interesting field update to Starfleet Command.

(1) Literally, a parental mind-link

(2) k'war'ma'khon – the Vulcan term for one who is as close as family, but not related by blood. While I by no means discount the term t'hy'la I just think it's been far overused in fanfiction so I try to branch out when I can; plus, it wasn't introduced until the movie era and I have a purpose for using this particular time setting.

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