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These characters are owned by the BBC and the writers of the show Sherlock, original characters of Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Lestrade, et al. belonging to the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


TitleNot Built in a Day
Fandom:  Sherlock (BBC)
Characters:  Sherlock, John, Lestrade
Rating:  K
Word Count:  400  (what is that, [info]rabidsamfan, a quadrabble?  Even if it's not four separate drabbles?)
Warnings:  none really, randomness, written by me?
Summary:  Changes don't happen overnight, and it's the effort that really counts.
A/N:  As I said, an experimental warmup into a new fandom which has eaten my brain and won't regurgitate it even though I need it to function come to my attention.

TitleWhere Angels Fear to Tread
Characters:  Sherlock, John
Rating:  K (very)
Word Count:  540
Warnings:  fluff.  Shameless fluffffff.  And Mycroft's umbrella (though not the man himself).  Because I have this thing for umbrella-sharing fluff.  SO THERE.  :P
Summary:  Sometimes the difference in success isn't in the method, but just in general all-round adorableness...
A/N:  Because I was up since 4 this morning with food poisoning (violent food poisoning, no I am never eating at the mall Food Court again.  Ever.  Never ever ever omgughhhhhh.) and the day only got worse from there - fluff.  Because I CAN.  :P  Read it an' weep, fools.

Title: Obvious
Characters:  Lestrade, Sherlock, John
Warnings:  none
Rating:  K
Word Count:  200
Summary:  Written for my drabble123 table, prompt 03 - Obvious.

Characters:  John, Sebastian (Wilkes, from TBB)
Word Count:  200 (including title word)
Rating:  K
Warnings:  spoilers for Blind Banker.  Missing scene from the end, between Sherlock's jade pin location and Sebastian's handing over the check
Summary:  My explanation and resolution for the slightly weird friend/colleague introduction correction at the beginning of this episode.

Characters:  Sherlock, John
Rating:  G
Word Count:  469
Summary:  Written as a minifill for this promptMycroft says something hurtful about Sherlock, and John just lets him have it.  Sherlock is deeply moved because no one ever sides with him when it comes to him and Mycroft.  Typed right into the comment box, so not really edited much beyond on-the-fly spellcheck.

TitleHeroes Don't Exist
Characters:  John, Moriarty
Warnings:  dark, I guess, (implied) character death, so I guess rated PG as well
Word Count: 229  (too lazy to cut it down).  A dribblet?
Summary:  Written for this errant comment on the [info]sherlockbbc_fic kinkmeme:  ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME??? Alone on the Water was bad enough... now this? So saaaaad...

TitleLike a Grumpy Bear
Characters:  John, Lestrade, Holmes in absentia
Word Count:  442 (double 221-B)
Rating:  G
Summary:  For the prompt:  When Sherlock is sick/in hospital at some point and being intolerably cranky, John hangs up a child's model of the solar system over his head while he's asleep.  Also inspired by but not really answering the adorable prompt Who's a grumpy bear? on the meme mentioned below (title taken from that prompt).
A/N:  Prompt was brought on after being flat on my back unable to move for four days due to the most violent flu bug I've ever had in my life.  Was going to prompt it in the [info]sherlockbbc_fic meme but decided to write it myself for my own amusement.  :P

Errant Comment Mini-Fill:  "I find myself fascinated by the differences in toe-length."

Characters:  John
Rating:  PG
Word Count: 965
Warnings/Spoilers:  Major spoilers for The Reichenbach Fall.
Summary:  (Prompt not really spoilery, fill is) Fill for this prompt:  There's a homeless man among the hundreds haunting the streets of London. Maybe he's a junkie or a madman or both--but he has a violin, and he plays the most hauntingly beautiful music John Watson has ever heard.


Drabble Serieses

The kid!John saga begins with A Messy Business:

Title: A Messy Business  (Master Post Link)
Characters: Sherlock, Lestrade, John, will include Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft, etc.
Rating: G
Word Count: 221B each (the drabble format I invented for the ACD Holmes fandom years ago)
Warnings: crack fic, fandom trope (see full prompt at link and below), basic episodic spoilers, basic ACD canon spoilers, speculation
Summary: Drabble series fill for the [info]sherlockbbc_fic meme prompt John is turned into a toddler/young child. He doesn't remember who he was, but he does know that he trusts and loves Sherlock. He likes Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade and, much to Sherlock's annoyance, he even likes Mycroft... Also for the [info]watsons_woes prompt for Day 1 of MiniWriMo2012: Beginnings are always messy.

Never Too Late  (Link TBA)

Title: Christmas Interlude
Universe: A Messy Business/Never Too Late
Rating: G
Word Count:  multiple 221Bs, as in twenty chapters of 6 or 7 each, average
Warnings: kidfic, general schmoopiness, ghastly amounts of fluff, spoilers for S2
General Summary: Wee!John's first Christmas with Sherlock.
A/N: Promised holiday arc. This is AU from A Messy Business, since AMB and NTL are set in September-October and I have no intention of letting my kidfic turn into another Insontis epic (which I am also in the process of updating, for those of you who are also Trek fans). Just imagine for a minute that somehow John doesn't get switched back and so has a Christmas with Sherlock as a child.
A/N2:  Fanart master post is HERE; take a look at all the wonderfully talented people who have been kind enough to illustrate things from this 'verse for me.  <3
A/N3:  The character of Wilkins has been rebooted from my own OC Wilkins, Mycroft's secretary in some of my ACD-Holmes stories such as The Written Front and Holidays with Holmes.

TitleTurn Left
Characters:  various
Rating:  G
Word Count:  1000 (five 200-word droubbles)
Warnings/Spoilers:  Spoilers in part 5 for a picture of Season 2 filming, though to anyone with an ounce of imagination and knowledge of ACD canon (of which I have both, and had already considered this scenario long before that picture was posted), it's not a huge leap of logic.  Speculation regarding the Reichenbach episodes.  BUT BE WARNED, IF YOU WANT NO S2 SPOILERS THEN SKIP PART 5.
Summary:  Written for the [info]sherlockbbc_fic meme prompt: Any character in the show is able to go back in time to one precise moment in the past. They can change this moment however they wish. To take back cruel words. To turn left instead of right. To study for that one exam. To snog senseless that boy from the corner shop. Anything, from the mundane to the exceptional.  How does this one disturbance in time change the present?  I'll take anything: be as cracky/angsty/sexy/drama-y/adventure-y as you want!
A/N:  Yes, title is from the episode that began my favorite Who story arc.

TitleHolding Out for a Miracle
Characters:  John, various
Rating:  PG
Warnings/Spoilers:  Basic spoilers for TRF, though nothing particular to the episode.  If you've read the ACD canon you don't need to have seen the episode to read this.
Word Count:  1000 (ten drabbles)
Summary:  Written for this prompt: What if when Sherlock gets back he goes to see John and John doesn’t even react just lets him slide seamlessly back into his life. And at first Sherlock thinks it’s kind of weird but he gets used to it, to John never bringing it up, to the way he sometimes just snaps and yells or breaks something because he figures, “That’s just the way he copes and I deserve so much worse.” Then one day Lestrade or Mrs. Hudson or someone shows up and starts talking to Sherlock and John goes all white in the face and is surprised like “You can see him, too?” or the like

And that’s when Sherlock realizes that the reason John never said anything was because he’d been imagining that Sherlock was still there the whole time. He never noticed that his hallucination had been replaced by the real thing.

Title: Family by Choice
Characters: Mrs. Hudson, John, Sherlock
Rating: K+
Word Count: 7x221
Warnings/Spoilers: Mentions events of TRF, takes place throughout canon into S3 speculation
Summary: Five times Mrs. Hudson raised the rent, and one time she didn't
A/N: Written for [livejournal.com profile] rabidsamfan for the [livejournal.com profile] watsons_woes birthday party author offers. Sorry it took so long, this just didn't cooperate at all and I have no real idea why. :[

TitleComing Full Circle
Characters: Sherlock, John, Moriarty
Rating: K+
Word Count: 2100 (21 drabbles)
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers for The Great Game, AU, literary license with medical facts, general Jim!creepiness, some reference to violence and death (not character death)
Summary: Moriarty had John for almost six hours between his abduction and the showdown at the pool - more than enough time to implement a Plan B for his escape should Sherlock call his bluff with the fake bomb vest.
A/N: Written for Challenge 022 at watsons_woes.



TitleBlanket Statement
Fandom:  Sherlock (BBC)
Rating:  G
Characters:  John, Sherlock, Lestrade
Word Count:  2165
Warnings:  none
Summary:  Written for the prompt Orange shock blankets build up over time. A quick costume is needed for some cheap costume party or Halloween. Sherlock makes the blankets into a makeshift, neon-orange ghost costume for either himself or John.
A/N:  Written because I needed fluff and a break from my STBB, which is at 33,000 words and counting and still no end in sight why do I do this to myself urghhhhhhh.

TitleEndangered Species
Characters:  John, Sherlock, Mycroft
Word Count:  1238, Three corresponding art fills
Rating:  G
Warnings:  lack of artistic ability (and laptop mice are not easy to draw with anyhow), silliness, borderline crack - in other words, my usual
Summary:  Written for this prompt on the [info]sherlockbbc_fic kink meme:  When Sherlock was young and very lonely, he wrote on a sheet of paper, 'I want a friend.' And then described all the things he wanted in that friend. Brave, loyal, shorter than him (because Mycroft is too damn big and he doesn't want another Mycroft!) someone who laughs with him and not at him, a doctor because doctors work with dead people, ect, ect, ect.

Characters:  Sherlock, John, Lestrade, Sally Donovan, The Skull (who is named but no spoilers)
Rating:  K
Word Count:  1752
Warnings:  the usual; borderline crack, fluff, etc. 
Summary:  Written for the [info]sherlockbbc_fic kink meme prompt of Either John and Sherlock or Sherlock and Lestrade have a gigantic row and vow never to speak a word to each other again. Meanwhile, there's a crime scene to investigate.  How do they proceed? Sign language? Using a third party as a go-between? Monologuing aloud bitterly? Idek, people. I'm just looking for some crime scene humour.  Bonus points if it ends up in a spectacular reconciliation. (Still on the crime scene.)
A/N:  Sheesh, I need to write something that I can actually cross-post to [info]watsons_woes since I moderate the comm, don't I?  Even with the "gigantic row" I don't think this really qualifies.  :[
A/N2spoilers for one of my fics )Great minds and all that, I suppose.  So the name of the skull belongs to me, but the majority of this fic as well as the characters belong to the BBC/writers/producers/you-know-the-drill.

TitleNot a Completely Unproductive Night, Then
Characters:  Sherlock, John
Rating:  K
Word Count:  1537
Warnings/Spoilers:  Spoilers for The Great Game  (now, after the arrival of S2, obviously partially AU)
Summary:    Immediately post-TGG, a conversation held on the steps of 221B.  There is fluff.  And giggling.  And beans.  (not in that order)
A/N:  Was originally going to be a prompt fill for my drabble table, the word Expectation, but ended way too long to be cut back for a drabble.  We've all, I think, our own opinions about what's going to happen after TGG credits roll, so I might as well jump on the bandwagon with what I think is the most likely (if anticlimactic) scenario - with fluff on top, as per me.  Be warned that there is speculation and good-natured disbelief of what seems to be the most common fandom conjecture.

TitleGifts from the Enemy
Characters:  John, Mycroft, Anthea
Rating:  K+
Warnings:  None that are serious.  Mentions of (off-screen) grave-robbing.  Borderline crack humor.  The usual, iow.
Summary:  Mycroft changes the venue of their monthly kidnappings just to keep things interesting.  John is unappreciative, and knows how exactly to push the elder Holmes's buttons.
A/N:  Originally I was going to write this opening scene for Challenge 018 at [info]watsons_woes for the Halloween/spooky challenge.  I ended up scrapping it after a few paragraphs and Fear Itself was the start-over result, which I don't regret at all.  So I decided to turn it into a sort-of holiday fic, though there's not much holiday about it now that I'm finished.  My thanks to my friend and beta, [info]protectorgf, for helping me over the hump with this one.  *hugs*

Characters:  Mycroft, John
Rating:  K+
Word Count:  2510
Warnings/Spoilers:  Major spoilers and minor speculation for The Reichenbach Falls.  Warning for angst. Only as much character death as is shown on the show, and only referenced, so it's not a deathfic really.
Summary:possible minor spoilers )
A/N:  This could ostensibly be taken as OoC, I suppose, depending upon your perceptions of these characters, but to me it isn't ooc.  But be warned regardless.  I'm always interested in people's perceptions of canon/fanon, and welcome other opinions - but do me a courtesy and don't just leave me a comment saying "this is ooc" without explaining your own viewpoint, ok?  I've gotten a few of those of late and I find them a bit annoying.

TitleMore Experimentation Required
Characters:  John, Sherlock
Rating:  G
Word Count:  4,087
Warnings/Spoilers:  S2 compliant, brief speculation of EMPT-esque S3.  Shameless fluff.  SHAMELESS, I TELL YOU.  Read at your own risk.  :P
Summary:  Written for this [info]sherlockbbc_fic prompt:  The first time John hugged Sherlock.  And the first time Sherlock hugged John.  No slash please. Simple fluffy prompt is simple.


Long Oneshots  (7500+ words)

Title I Do Believe
Characters:  Angelo, Raz, Anderson, Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson, John, Sherlock incognito
Word Count:  11,000ish
Rating:  K+
Warnings/Spoilers:  Spoilers for The Reichenbach Falls, though again hardly spoilery if you know the books so I'm not cutting the summary.  No other real spoilers other than basic series details and some speculation, as well as mentions of the I Believe in Sherlock Holmes movement.
Summary:  Written for this [info]sherlockbbc_fic meme prompt:  Sherlock is a master of disguise (just like every version of him ever) and he's not just going to spend his 'death' ignoring the people he cares about.  So - 5 times Sherlock used a disguise to watch over the people he left behind and one time he revealed himself.
A/N:  Lines in italics in the last portion are from the book Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie.

TitleThe Side of the Angels
Characters:  John, Sherlock, various
Rating:  K+
Word Count:  8207
Warnings/Spoilers:  basic spoilers for all the episodes except Scandal in Belgravia (I have yet to find a way to reconcile that episode into my headcanon, so I am summarily ignoring it until I am able to do so).  Nothing too specific, but it does mention TRF and pokes speculation at S3.
Summary:  Written for the [info]watsons_woes 750 members party, for [info]donutsweeper's prompt:  Five times no one noticed that Sherlock took care of John, and one time they did.
AN:  This was never supposed to be this long, but it got out of hand, and after wrestling with it for over a week I've decided to just go ahead and post it.  Also, part 6 of this is a fill for this prompt (prompt is spoilery for TRF etc.).

TitleDoing the Shopping  (also Deleted Scenes)
Characters:  John, Sherlock, various
Genre:  Gen, humor, disgusting amounts of holiday fluff
Rating:  PG for implications in second deleted scene
Word Count:  7707
Warnings:  Takes place throughout established canon, so spoilers for basically all of S2 including TRF
SummaryFive times John took Sherlock shopping, and one time Sherlock returned the favour.
A/N:  Written for [info]reidluver, in answer to my fic request thread during the [info]watsons_woes birthday party post.  So sorry it took so long, bb; my life has been entirely uncooperative of late and I've literally pounded at this thing in ten minute intervals.
A/N2:  There are two scenes I cut out of this simply because I was trying to keep to a short 5-and-1 format, so those will be posted probably sometime tomorrow just so you can see them.  One takes place after #3 and one after #1.

Chaptered Fics

Title:  Fear Itself  (Chapter One, Two, Three)
Characters:  John, Sherlock, misc. unmentioned (ACD and BBC canon spoilers in second part but unnamed)
Rating:  K+
Word Count:  (this bit)  3022
Warnings:  general creepiness, mild snark, shameless h/c and fluff, poetic license with universe-blending...my usual, in other words.
Summary:   John is accustomed to being kidnapped at this point in his London residence, though he never expected someone else to adopt Mycroft's signature abductions in order to lure him in without a fight.
A/N:  Written for the Challenge 018 at [info]watsons_woes, my first challenge entry in I think well over a year.  I set as my goal, to write a fic which fulfilled the requirements of creepiness/scariness without resorting to supernatural phenomena - and without physically laying a finger on any of the main characters.

TitleBeing Human  (Chapter One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six)  -  WIP
Characters/Pairings:  No pairings.  John, Sherlock, various
Category:  Gen
Rating:  PG
Warnings: None, unless schmuff (schmoopy fluff) and clueless!Sherlock need to be warned for
Word Count (this bit):  1650
General Summary Five times John helped make Sherlock more human, and one time Sherlock returned the favor
This Chapter Summary:  A slice of life at Baker Street.  And btw, I came up withteeny spoilers )
A/N:  Originally I had [info]reidluver as my recipient for [info]sherlockmas, and so had planned this five-and-one to answer prompts from their requests.  Due to circumstances my recipient switched to [info]goldvermilion87 by the mods' requests, and so I only used this chapter to answer their request as the rest of it didn't really apply.  But there's no reason to not post the whole thing eventually, so here we go.
Disclaimer:  Characters don't belong to me or Season Two would have been out months ago.  Title is also the title of another BBC show, which I also don't own.



Series:  Turn Left
Characters:  Sherlock, John, The Doctor (Eleven, in my head)
Rating:  K
Word Count:  838
Warnings/Spoilers:  Spoilers for TRF, but no sadness here, only fluffy borderline crackfic a'la EMPT.
Summary:  Written to fill this prompt and to kick off an AU series (title belongs to the writers of Doctor Who) inspired by many prompts and plot bunnies which have been floating around the fic memes, as well as to help me personally.  I don't have a therapist to deal with my love/hate relationship with Season 2; therefore I write.  :P  Series heavily inspired by Pompey's Things That Never Happened to Sherlock Holmes.
A/N:  This is a perfect accompaniment, though I had written this before seeing the gif on [info]goldvermilion87's LJ.  :)

Title: The Doctor's Doctor  (link to masterpost)
Fandom(s):  BBC Sherlock, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes (canon)
Characters:  John Watson, Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock Holmes/The Thirteenth Doctor, various
Rating:  K+
Finished Word Count:  43K+
Genre:  AU, gen, friendship, Rebooted ACD canon
Warnings/Spoilers:  Spoilers for general Sherlock canon, Who canon (though knowledge of Who canon isn't necessary to understand the story), specific spoilers for the ACD story The Six Napoleons.  Material taken or adapted from 6NAP and A Study in Pink is footnoted, and anything else you recognize from ACD or BBC canon is not mine.  Liberties taken with Whoniverse fanon for the purpose of this fic, so don't shoot me if my opinion differs from the mainstream.
SummaryJohn Watson, late of Her Majesty's Army and specifically a tour in Afghanistan, is drifting in London, alone and without purpose, until he meets two very remarkable people who will test his loyalty and change his life forever.  Written for sherlockrebang, summer 2012.

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