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Star Trek and all its derivatives belong to Paramount and Gene Roddenberry, bless them.  All fics complete unless otherwise specified

Chaptered Fics/FIve-and-Ones

Title: Human Behavior
Characters: Kirk, Spock, various
Rating: T
Word Count: Total, 29,500
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers for Operation – Annihilate!. References to various themes such as Stockholm Syndrome referring to the neurological parasites.
Summary: Five human behaviors Spock did not understand, and one that he definitely did understand.

Chapter One  | Chapter Two  | Chapter Three | Chapter Four  | Chapter Five  | Chapter Six  | Or read on ff.net

Series Title:  Moments in Time  (WIP)
Rating:  K
Series Summary:  Missing scenes and tags to each episode as I do a TOS rewatch.

Chapter One: Arena
Chapter Two: Trouble with Tribbles
Chapter Three: Metamorphosis
Chapter Four: Doomsday Machine
Chapter Five: Squire of Gothos
Chapter Six: Devil in the Dark
Chapter Seven: Errand of Mercy
Chapter Eight: Tholian Web
Chapter Nine: Return to Tomorrow
Chapter Ten: Journey to Babel
Chapter Eleven: Where No Man Has Gone Before
Chapter Twelve: Conscience of the King
Chapter Thirteen: Amok Time 
Chapter Fourteen: The Alternative Factor
Chapter Fifteen: Court Martial
Chapter Sixteen: The Immunity Syndrome 
Chapter Seventeen: Space Seed
Chapter Eighteen:  Day of the Dove

Series:  Tales from the Lower Decks  (WIP)
Written forst_20_fics Table
Characters:  Spock, Kirk, OC Matthew Turner (seen elsewhere such as A Celebration in Infinite Combinations and Insontis)
Series Summary:  The adventures of an ordinary Maintenance man aboard the Enterprise, and his observations of the developing trifold powerhouse which is Kirk, Spock, and McCoy.

Chapter One, in which we learn you cannot reheat coffee on the warp coils
Chapter Two, in which we learn that even captains have off days
Chapter Three, in which there is much yawning and unfortunate timing during staff meetings
Chapter Four, in which there is (almost literal) hell to pay
Chapter Five, in which we become impromptu EMTs despite a weak stomach

Only Human   Chapter One, Two, Three, Four, Five, SIx
Characters: primarily Kirk & Spock, bits of others
Rating: K+
Word Count: (this bit) 3184
Warnings/Spoilers: Basic TOS spoilers and speculation for all sections
Summary: Five times through the centuries that Spock of Vulcan was surprised by Jim Kirk's human selflessness, and one time he was not at all surprised.

Title: Clothes Make the Man (or the Vulcan)
Characters: Spock, Kirk, McCoy, various
Rating: K+
Warnings: definite spoilers for various episodes and STID - see chapters for details
Summary: Five times Spock wore something other than his uniform, and one time he was only too glad to put the uniform back on.
A/N: Adaptation from a writing prompt given to me by imbecamiel, during my recent whining about a lack of muse on my LiveJournal.

Chapter OneChapter TwoChapter ThreeChapter Four-AChapter Four-BChapter FiveChapter Six

Title:  Watching the Watchman
Characters:  McCoy, Spock, Kirk
Ratings:  overall, T; this chapter, K+
Warnings/Spoilers: general TOS spoilers, including movie-era and TNG spoilers.
SummaryFive times Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock went all protective on Dr. McCoy, and one time McCoy showed them that he doesn’t need y’all’s coddling and can darn well take care of himself, thanks very much

Chapter One, in which Spock finds out about his Mirror counterpart's actions
Chapter Two, in which there is a prison break, and Spock decides a massive phaser rifle is logical
Chapter Three, in which there is whumpage of the xenopolycythymic kind, and also awkward cuddling
Chapter Four, in which there is the obligatory Kirk!whumping, and threats are made
Chapter Five, in which Spock parks his katra in McCoy's brain, and the good doctor is Not Happy
Chapter Six, in which all is not as it seems

Series: Insontis
Rating: G
Warnings: Crack. Quite ghastly amounts of fluff.  Written by me. Utter lack of plot. It's not meant to be real fic, it's not even meant to necessarily be IC, since one of the protagonists literally is not in character.
Summary:  Starfleet Command and the Federation have become interested in the Insonti technology which transformed their most prominent starship captain into an infant some weeks previous.  The Enterprise has been handed the assignment of performing further research into the device, while developing a deeper rapport with this as-yet non-Federation planet, in the hopes of producing an allegiance between the Insonti people and the Federation.

Chronological Order of This 'Verse:

When I Was a Child (begins bb!Kirk verse)
Impeccable Aim
Lesson One
A Matter of Genetics
Taking Sides
Out of the Mouth of Babes
A Two-Way Trust
Lesson Two
Family Interlude
Artistic License
Blackmail Potential
Captain Sunshine
Sunshine and Darkness
Ducks in Space
Smart is Sexy
Lesson Four
Never Too Young
The Sincerest Form of Flattery
Lesson Five
Persuasive Arguments
A Decided Lack of Amusement  (1/4)  (2/4)  (3/4)  (4/4)
Catch a Falling Star
An Infernal Device
Lesson Six (and Seven, really) (1/4) (2/4) (3/4) (4/4)
The Second Time Around
Lessons Eight and Nine
Lessons Ten and Eleven (1/2) (2/2)
Outside the Box
Comprehension (1/4) (2/4) (Interlude) (3/4) (4/4)
And So It Begins
Fear Is Only Embarrassing in Public
Never Tease a Vulcan
Best Destiny (1/4) (2/4) (3/4) (4/4)
Parting Ways (1/6) (2/6) (3/6) (4/6) (5/6) (6/6)
The Wounds of a Friend (1/4) (2/4) (3/4) (4/4)
Lessons Learned


A Child of Two Worlds (beginsbb!Spock arc)
First Impressions
Lesson One, of sorts
Lesson Two
Lesson Three
Trust (Lesson Four)  (1/2)  (2/2)
Oversights and Undershirts
Learning Diplomacy
Lesson Five

Characters:  Spock, Kirk, McCoy, various
Word Count:  7527
Rating:  K+
Warnings/Spoilers:  Here be crack, people (as much as anything in this universe is, really), and fluff, and a touch of h/c, and heaven only knows what else.  Read at your own risk.
Summary:   Five times Spock's Vulcan characteristics saved his human crewmates, and one time those crewmen's human characteristics returned the favor.  And I did try to not always take the obvious route with this, though some cliches are only to be expected.  :P

TitleNo Man Is an Island (though a Vulcan can be a peninsula) (WIP)
Characters:  Kirk, Spock, McCoy, various minor
Rating:  K+
Word Count:  11,600ish
Warnings/Spoilers:  Set after Shore Leave and Spectre of the Gun, though no real spoilers for either episode.  Anything in the TOS universe is fair game for unintentional spoilers.  Warning for unfinished fic, with no intention of finishing - however, this is the primary meat of the fic including the climax; it could stand alone if you ignore the lack of villain capture.
Summary:  Things are not what they seem on the latest away mission, and it takes the combined efforts of three very different beings to find the truth.  Or, an alien entity which feeds off of emotions decides to imprison the one member of the crew who has nothing to give it.

Title: An Equitable Trade
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] quietcontrary
Rating: Art – PG | Fic – PG-13
Genre/Pairing: Gen, Angst, mild H/C, Humor. Kirk/Spock/McCoy friendship, background Sarek/Amanda, background Scotty/Uhura, cameos by M’Benga, Chekov, Uhura
Word Count: 23,156
Warnings: AU. Spoilers for Operation – Annihilate! Warnings for conspiracy, mentions of political cover-up. This is epistolary fic.
Fic Summary: A disastrous scientific experiment has far-reaching consequences for the command crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Since a starship captain is a more valuable commodity than a now-blind Science Officer, First Officer Spock becomes a political scapegoat in addition to a victim of the tragedy. But as his sight begins to return in a supposedly civilian medical facility, Spock discovers that the world of politics is dark and dangerous, and that his captain has unwittingly landed them all smack in the middle of the biggest cover-up of their careers.

Title: A Celebration in Infinite Combinations
Characters: various, including minor and OCs
Pairings: Tomlinson/Martine, Chapel/Spock (unrequited), McCoy/Barrows (briefly), Scotty/Uhura (barely), etc. You get the idea, and you know me.
Rating: T overall for death
Summary: The first year of the five-year mission is a critical time for the crew of the starship Enterprise. A new chain of command, a new crew; and a new captain who must prove himself to both - all must work together and learn to function, not as a crew, but as a family.
Warnings/Spoilers: Liberties with early TOS canon, nothing beyond the usual. Spoilers and specifics are footnoted.
A/N: Ten mini story arcs revolving around ten sets of characters, all converging in the last chapters. Holiday and gift-giving themed story; every even chapter containing main characters and odd containing minor characters with nods at main characters. This is definitely a character exploration piece, with a holiday flavor - because we all need more holiday fluff and hope this time of year.


TitleSelective Communication Skills
Characters:  Kirk, Spock, sleeping-on-Spock's-couch!McCoy
Rating:  Dude, so a fluffy K
Word Count:  843
Summary:  Jim Kirk is not a happy man when both of his XOs disappear just before he decides to do a routine surprise inspection of Science and Medical.

TitleStep by Step
Characters:  Kirk, Spock, McCoy
Rating:  K
Word Count: 3378
Warnings/Spoilers:  Not a blessed thing.
Summary:  Even sick as a dog, Jim Kirk is a very lucky man.  You don't just luck into things as much as you would like to think you do.  You build step by step, whether it is friendships or opportunities- Barbara Bush

Title:  A Threefold Cord
Charaters:  Kirk, Spock, McCoy
Rating:  K
Word Count:  1950
Warnings:  Spoilers for ST:TOS canon, including Amok Time, TWOK, TSFS, TVH, CotEoF
Summary:  My first music meme, and I can't say I love the format, only being able to write until the song ends.  But it was done for the TrekLit competition on deviantArt, and it was fun.

Characters:  Spock, McCoy, Kirk, Sarek
Rating:  K+
Spoilers/WarningsTWOK, TSFS, and all their accompanying baggage.  Yes, I am warning you for lack of literary value and beta-ing, and also pure SHAMELESS h/c.. :P
Word Count:  3638
Summary:  Scene from after the fal-tor-pan, but before the beginning of TVH.  Pure aimless h/c/fluff/idek for [livejournal.com profile] dante_s_hell 's [livejournal.com profile] trek_hc sick&tired!meme, for the prompt of Exhausted Kirk, please! Can be gen or slash. Kirk/McCoy or Kirk/Spock. I just want very tired Kirk.

Title:   Retribution
Characters:  Spock, Kirk
Rating:  K+
Word Count:  3606
Warnings:  Angst.  Loads of it.  Spoilers for episodes Amok Time and mainly The Deadly Years.  Indirect references to c(f?)anon Kirk's biggest fears - losing the Enterprise, and being alone.  
Summary:  Missing post-Deadly Years scene.  The scene that I for one was screaming for the episode to have happen, but it didn't.

Title My Captain (link to last chapter, others accesible from there)
Characters:  Kirk, Spock, McCoy, various
Rating:  T
Warnings/Spoilers:  Major spoilers and speculation for various episodes.  Shameless H/C fic.
SummaryFive reasons why the crew of the Enterprise would follow James T. Kirk to Hell and back, and one reason why he would do the same.

Title: A Study in Humanity , or, Ten Times Ambassador Sarek Encountered James T. Kirk
Characters:  Spock, Kirk, Sarek, some Amanda and McCoy
Rating:  K+
Word Count:  8,866
Warnings:  Massive spoilers for the whole TOS canon, including (in order) Amok Time, Journey to Babel, The Motion Picture, The Wrath of Khan, The Search for Spock, The Voyage Home.  Full footnotes and explanations inside.  
Summary:   The prompt was:  My request is an outsiders POV of the big three. It would be great it it could be Sarek [especially in Journey to Babel? was also mentioned].   Spock and McCoy banter would be great, too.

Title: My Place
Characters:  Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Sarek
Rating/Genre:  K, Gen.
Word Count:  2587
Warnings/Spoilers:  Spoilers for The Voyage Home, The Search for Spock, and The Wrath of Khan.   Title swiped from Spock's words to Sybok in ST:V (so sue me, I loved the god-awful movie.  :P)
Summary:  The planet Vulcan and Ambassador Sarek owe Kirk and his crew, even if they don't show it overtly.  If Starfleet is foolish enough to discharge their youngest Admiral over what he did, then Vulcan's exploratory science vessels are perfectly open to accepting him.
Alternate SummaryTriumvirate puppy-pile.

Second First Impressions
Characters:  Spock, McCoy, Kirk, misc. cameos
Rating:  T
Word Count:  6758
Warnings:  Nondescript (aka redshirt) character death, amnesia, snark, general Trek sappiness.  Just a quick beta-read, because I'm already dreadfully late with the thing.
Summary:    Prompt was: McCoy gets walloped on the head, giving Spock a second chance to meet the doctor for the first time. Does it change anything?

When I Fall (could be read as Reboot)
Characters:  Kirk, Spock, bit of McCoy
Rating:  K+
Word Count:  4544
Summary:  For [livejournal.com profile] dante_s_hell's Kirk H/C Meme, the prompt being Kirk becomes claustrophobic after the last mission, but just thinks it's like leftover anxiety that'll go away on its own so doesn't think anything of it, until he gets a panic attack doing something really mundane, like going through a jeffries tube or something.

Characters:  McCoy, Kirk
Rating: K+
Word Count: 2434
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers for Amok Time, interpretive license on the kal-if-fee scene.
Summary:  Inspired by the [livejournal.com profile] st_tos_kink prompt of  Anon has a friendship kink, of all things, and also h/c, and would adore ANYTHING AT ALL involving Kirk and/or Spock having to comfort Bones. I don't care why. Maybe he lost a few too many patients. Maybe it's after the Empath, or City on the Edge of Forever, or just anytime. But I want crying and hugs. PLEASE. 

Title:  Close Calls
Characters:  Spock, McCoy, bit of Kirk
Rating:  K
Word Count: 1538
Summary:  The usual fluff-insanity, barely edited and just for fun.  Fill for the STTOS kink meme prompt (thread link) I want genfic of McCoy and Spock secretly biffling over some kind of science project or something.  Have someone walk in on them as they're being friends and be shocked and scandalized, with the two quickly trying to hide their BFF status with their usual banter. 
Warnings:  Spoilers for one of my fave episodes, The Immunity Syndrome.

Drabble Set I for 20paperplanes
Pairing Chosen:  Captain James T. Kirk, Spock
Fandom: Star Trek TOS
Genre: Gen, humor, h/c
Rating:  None higher than PG
Word Count: varies; always either 100, 150, or 200
Theme Set:  Emotions

TItleThe Pursuit of Truth
Characters:  Spock, McCoy, Kirk, various
Rating:  T just to be on the safe side
Warnings:  Spoilers for Plato's Stepchildren and mentions of all the baggage that episode entailed
Word Count:  2766 (this part)
Summary:  Long long long overdue Haiti charity fic for raebb4ever , with the prompt A fanfic that focuses on the aftermath of the episode "Plato's Stepchildren," specifically on Spock trying to cope with his emotional violation and his near uncontrollable anger over Parmen's actions towards Kirk. Having McCoy be included would be a nice bonus.  Bonding and emotional healing, yay! I would like specific interaction between Kirk and Spock.

Title: Five times Jim and Spock gave each other something, and one time it wasn't necessary
Characters:  Spock, Kirk, misc
Genre:  Friendship
Rating:  G
Word Count:  7288
Summary:  See title.  Written in a way big hurry, so there quite possibly might be typos as I'm already pushing the deadline and have absolutely no time for more than a cursory proofread.  Plz to point out glaring errors, thx.  :)

Title: All I Ask
Characters:  Kirk, Spock
Rating:  K+
Word Count:  3,586
Summary/Warnings:  Massive spoilers for Menagerie (both parts).  What I would like to think took place after Kirk's closing line, where he tells Spock to come back and talk to him after he's seen Pike to the Transporter Room.  Not fluff, like most fics I've seen of this nature - I think that episode was layered with far more tension and would have far deeper consequences than could simply be swept under the rug like the episode (and most fanfic) seemed to indicate.  I believe that episode to be a key point in Kirk and Spock's early relationship, and the issues I saw in the episode were left entirely unaddressed.  This is my attempt to address them in the way I believe it should have happened.
A/N:  I've been pounding away at a Holmes fic for days now (I promise, I am working on it!  :(  ) and it refuses to work for me, so when this finally shouted a few lines of dialogue into my head and demanded to be written I rolled with it for the sake of loosening up my muse - and it seemed to work.  First time in probably weeks where I've written something and actually been
totally satisfied with where it went.  :)

Title: Human Souls
Characters:  Spock, Kirk, Peter Kirk, McCoy, various
Rating:  K+
Warnings:  Mentions of minor character death, etc.
Word Count:  3264
Summary:  In the wake of Operation Annihilate, the three people most affected by the Denevan parasites come together over a familiar game with less familiar metaphors.  Unsure exactly where this stems from, other than my irritation with the episode for leaving so many loose ends, and my own personal frustration with my life at the moment.

Title: Five Times Spock stopped James Kirk, and One Time He Didn't
Fandom:  Trek TOS
Characters:  Spock, Kirk
Rating:  K+
Word Count: 6,952
Warnings:  Minor CD
Summary:  (see title)  Early fic; pre-Where No Man Has Gone Before.  Fic #1 fulfilled for [livejournal.com profile] med_cat as my Haiti Charity Offer.  Prompt was the five-and-one which makes up the title, volunteered by [livejournal.com profile] elaby .  Spoilers for WNMHGB, mentions of minor CD.

Title: Aftermath
Characters: Spock, McCoy
Rating: K+
Word Count: 1249
Summary/Warning: In the aftermath of Operation Annihilate, many issues were left unresolved by the episode script; this deals with one of them. May turn into a oneshot series if there is interest.

Title: Old Wounds
Characters:  Spock, McCoy mainly; bit of Kirk and Scotty
Rating:  T for safety; brief mention of Mirror, Mirror and all that baggage
Word Count:  400; four connected drabbles at 100 each
Summary/Warnings:  Small piece from and after Spectre of the Gun.  Spoilers for that episode and Mirror, Mirror, as well as insignificant nod to Dagger of the Mind.   These drabbles took forever for some reason, and were more work than I'd anticipated to get exactly what I wanted out of each one.  Anyhow:

TitleBefore I Sleep
Characters:  All
Rating:  K+
Word Count:  1000 even
Summary/Warning:  Ten drabbles in sequence.  James Kirk's command staff know he loves his crew enough to take their deaths personally, and they in turn love him enough to do what they can after missions gone wrong.
A/N: Again, if you've never done drabbles - 100 words exactly - then know they are just as difficult to write effectively as longer fics; the amount of effort involved, in my opinion, justifies this piece as being a stand-alone.  Title of course is from Robert Frost's Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.

TitleThe Gift
Characters:  Spock, Kirk, Lady Amanda, bit of McCoy
Rating:  K
Word Count:  2,988
Warnings/Summary:  Missing scene from the end of Journey to Babel.  I like Lady Amanda Grayson-Sarek, and think she was an exceptional woman.  While the slapping scene in Babel made me cringe in a this-is-wrong-on-so-many-levels sort of way, I still wanted to see more of her interacting with her son (and Kirk), and this half-character sketch/half-fluff - coupled with a request by Tharin in my Star to Steer Her By ficlet series for more Journey to Babel fic - is the result.

TitleChildish Things
Characters:  Spock, Kirk, McCoy, bit of Scotty
Rating:  K
Word Count:  1,875
Summary/Warnings:  Written for the prompt write something that takes place in a small and/or cramped space.  Time:  45 minutes   Bored crew + stuck turbolift + devious!McCoy = this.  No warnings, no pairings.

TitleNatural Attraction
Characters:  Spock, various
Universe:  TOS
Rating:  K
Word Count:  3,046
Genre:  Humor (couldn't manage the romance, sorry!  :(  )
Summary:  Written for Round Three of [livejournal.com profile] trek_exchange, for the recipient [livejournal.com profile] stelluci.  Prompt was Anything with Spock getting one-up'd, and the added note of Silliness is always worth it.  Tried to work in a bit of Sulu and Chekov for you too since I know you like them, though I've never written them much and so stayed mostly on firmer ground.  Sorry for the low rating, but the original intent wouldn't cooperate and lost over to the powers of Silliness.  I hope it's okay anyhow.

Title: Command Respect
Characters:  Kirk, Spock
Rating:  K
Word Count:  1877
Summary/Warnings:  Episodes like The Galileo Seven and The Tholian Web have always intrigued me with the difference in Spock's command style, and episodes like Charlie X with this apparently unsociable Vulcan quite calmly taking part in crew entertainment.  This is by no means canon, but merely a what-if fic.  Kirk and Spock discuss the chain of command while returning from the Galactic Barrier - set sometime post-Where No Man Has Gone Before but before Charlie X.  If I've messed up the timeline let me know; my knowledge of episode times is shamefully sketchy.

Title: Debts
Characters:  Spock, Kirk
Rating:  K
Word Count:  626
Summary/Spoilers:  No particular missing scene this time, just a what-if.  Early fic.

TitleThings Unspoken
Characters:  Kirk, Spock, McCoy
Rating:  K
Word Count:  1179
Summary/Warning:  End scene from The Omega Glory.

Title: Reparation
Characters: Kirk, Spock
Rating: K
Word Count: 807
Summary/Warning: Scene set after The Balance of Terror.

Title: Loyalty
Characters: Kirk, Spock
Rating: K+
Word Count: 400
Summary/Warnings: Just a little fun with the Ultimate Computer episode (which had like the best series-moment-ever in it).

Characters:  McCoy, Spock, Kirk
Rating:  K+
Word Count:  1166
Summary/Warning:  Takes place immediately after Journey to Babel.  Spoilers for that episode.  Warning for McCoy snark.

TitlePermission in Advance
Characters:  McCoy, Spock
Rating:  K+
Word Count:  1295
Warning/Summary:  A conversation in the aftermath of Mirror, Mirror (warnings for all that that episode entailed).  Spoilers for that episode and very slight spoilers for ST: II and III.

Title: Balance of Power
Characters: Kirk, Spock
Rating: K+
Word Count: 1695
Warnings/Summary: What needed to be discussed and resolved, in my opinion, at the end of the episode The Galileo Seven.  Obviously, spoilers for that episode.

Title:  A Star to Steer Her By
Characters: Kirk, Spock, McCoy, others
Rating: K+ average
Word Count: varies
Warnings/Summary: Various snippets and drabbles, some mentioned above as oneshots or ficlets and some not due to short length.  Indefinite WIP.


TOS/XI Crossovers, misc. shared 'verses

Title: The Games We Play
Series: AOS/TOS/TNG  (Set in the Rebootverse, with elements and characters from both TOS and TNG)
Characters/Pairings:  No pairings (though if you want to read as pre-slash I suppose you can).  AOS Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Chekov, Sulu, various; Q; little bit of TOS movie-era Kirk, TOS movie-era Spock
Genres: Friendship, h/c, angst, character study
Warnings: (apparent) major character death, on a massive scale but not really graphic.  Trauma, mental and emotional, surrounding that.  Basic spoilers for ST:XI, ST:TOS basic canon, and for my last year's STBB, Second-Best Destiny.  A working knowledge of the history and playing rules of chess will be helpful (and slightly spoilery).
Rating: PG-13 for trauma and CD
Final Word Count: 59,055
Summary: Five years after the first appearance of the Q continuum in the Rebooted universe, the refitted Enterprisehas set out on her second five-year mission.  With the new mission comes new fame, and with that, new confidence –overconfidence, for one still very young starship captain.  James T. Kirk, now-veteran captain but still not even thirty years old, is on a fast track to potential self-destruction, and not even his closest friends aboard can seem to convince him that as captain he is not as expendable as his crew.  While the sentiment behind his self-sacrificing actions is admirable, it is extremely foolish – and it seems to those who love him that nothing short of Omnipotent intervention will convince him of that fact.
Fortunately, there is one particular Omnipotent who is only too happy to interfere.

Title:  These Not-so-simple Feelings
Characters: Kirk, Spock, various
Universe: TOS, mentions of XI
Rating: PG-13 for violence and ickiness
SummaryFive times Spock did something illogically dangerous for the sake of his captain, and one time his captain returned the favor.  fic for . Six watershed events in Kirk and Spock’s lives and relationships – The aftermath of Conscience of the King and Dagger of the Mind, their first mind-meld, the aftermath of Amok Time, what happenedafter The Motion Picture, the time between The Voyage Home and Spock’s complete return to normality, and (I totally admit uncanonical except in my head and heart) Spock’s death in the XI universe.
Word Count:  28,242
Warnings: Violence and general icks regarding Tarsus IV and genocide in the second section. Spoilers for pretty much half the TOS canon (continuity geek, you know me). Creative interpretation of what exactly constitutes a mind-meld. Character death in the last section, but I think it’ll not be as heartbreaking as most character death – you’ll see what I mean when you get there.  Specific spoilers are footnoted, as is speculation.

Title:  Second-Best Destiny
Author:  KCS ([livejournal.com profile] kcscribbler )
Series:  Star Trek AOS/TOS/TNG (set in the Rebootverse, additional characters from the other two)
Characters/Pairings:  Spock, Kirk, Q, Ambassador Spock, TOS Captain Kirk, various
Warnings:  Brief (apparent) character death.  Spoilers for various TOS episodes and movies, mainly The Wrath of Khan and Generations.  Minor spoilers for various TNG episodes including Sarek and Unification, creative license with both serieses and their characters.  All references to any of the three universes has been footnoted for those who aren't Trekkers across the board.
Rating:   PG-13, but for (apparent) character death only
Word Count:  50,800 total
Summary:  "Whatever our lives might have been, our destinies have changed."  -- AOS Spock, ST:XI   "You once said being a starship captain was my first, best destiny.  And, if that's true, then yours is to be by my side." -- Deleted Shatner scene from ST:XI, original reference to ST:IIThe Wrath of Khan.
Destiny requires the existence of universal constants.   Is the multiverse governed by random chance, or is it held together by the threads of universal constants - and if the latter, are Kirk and Spock two of them?   With their universe threatened by the Q Continuum, AOS Kirk and Spock must discover how similar and yet how very different they are from their TOS counterparts, with highly unexpected results - including the reunion of two iconic figures having been parted for over ninety-five years.


TitleOne of Each of Us
Characters: Kirk, McCoy, various
Rating: PG-13 for off-screen character death and serious angst
Warnings/Spoilers: Surely everyone’s seen the 2009 movie by now or wouldn’t be a part of this comm; basic movie spoilers referenced here and there. Shameless H/C – SHAMELESS, I tell you! Read at your peril. :P Also, these aren't your 60s characters; there is a tiny bit of language, warning to my underage readers.
Summary: Five times Bones comforted Jim, and one time Jim returned the favor.

Title: Five Kinds of Crazy
Characters/Pairings: Primarily Kirk, Spock, Uhura, & McCoy, background Spock/Uhura
Rating: T for language
Word Count: 23,300ish total
Warnings/Spoilers: spoilers for many TOS episodes, all three movies in some form, etc. - please see individual chapters for very specific warnings.
Summary: Five times some part of Spock's Vulcan nature annoyed James Kirk to no end, and one time he (literally) couldn't live without it.

TitleFamily Matters
Characters: Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura
Word Count: 7800
Rating: T for movie-level language and violence
Warnings/Spoilers: Major spoilers for Beyond, so if you're TOS loyalist who hasn't seen it yet, go watch it and then come back. It's much better than the first two movies, in my fairly intolerant opinion.
Summary: When the Battle of Yorktown reopens old wounds in addition to creating new ones, it takes a little more than just rest and solitude to begin the healing process for the Enterprise's captain.
A/N: These post-Beyond fics have been done before, yes I know, and by much better writers than I. But I actually loved this movie, whereas I just tolerated the first two, and for the first time actually was inspired by different pieces of it, so here's another oneshot to toss into the existing H/C and schmoop mix.

Title: Shades of Darkness

Characters: AOS Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Spock Prime, AOS Enterprise crew; TOS movie-era Kirk, Spock
Rating: T for movie-level language and violence
Warnings/Spoilers: Primary plot spoilers for Star Trek: Into Darkness and Generations. Various other spoilers for various other movies and Trek universe canons, footnoted where needed; no in-depth knowledge necessary to understand story. Could be categorized as a Generations fix-it.
SummaryNo one is more surprised than the newly-resurrected James T. Kirk, when he opens his eyes on an unfamiliar Starfleet Medical bay and a crew nearly forty years his junior. Meanwhile, young Jim finds himself trapped in the ghostly spirit-world of the Nexus, trying to find his way home as his crew desperately search for a way to reach him before Captain Picard can convince a confused Enterprise captain to leave that elusive Valhalla to face a premature death on Veridian III.
A/N: It's been a long time since I tried another wacko off-the-wall crossover, something just for fun, so enjoy my particular brand of madness with me if you like. No knowledge necessary of TNG really to understand the story, just review a brief summary of Generations and you should be good to go. And do remember, I am a firm believer in happy endings.

Title: Minds Over Other Matters

Characters: Spock, Kirk, various
Genre: Gen, H/C, Humor
Word Count: 17,800
Rating: T for themes and movie-level language

Warnings/Spoilers: Vague spoilers for AOS movies, spoilers of sorts for TOS episodes Mirror, Mirror, Amok Time, and Empath, but no knowledge of those episodes necessary to understand this fic. No lack of mental consent between main characters, warning for brief and non-graphic lack of that with a minor character in the very last section. Also, I do acknowledge the Spock/Uhura movie relationship, though I write only gen fic so it's only more than referenced in Section II.

Summary: Five times a mind meld with Jim Kirk worked just fine, and one time where it really, really didn't


Date: 2014-07-28 03:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] trekkie10.livejournal.com
Hello. I have discovered your series Insontis. And I LOVE IT!!! I am hoping that you will write a few more stories of de-aged Spock. It seems like you have moved away from writing Star Trek stuff. Which is too bad, since your stories are some of the best I have ever read! I really, really hope your Star Trek muse comes back to you and inspires you to write more Trek. Particularly the Insontis series! Take care.

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